Vikings Exterior is Now Rock Hard Roofing

Apr 23, 2024Blog, News

rock hard roofing name announcement


Exciting news is knocking on your rooftop! Vikings Exterior, known for safeguarding your shelters like legendary warriors, is taking on a new, unforgettable identity – Rock Hard Roofing. We’re still your rock hard defenders against the elements, but with an extra edge that’s solid to the core. (Wink wink.)

Your trusty team of roof whisperers has decided it’s time for a change that reflects our strength and durability in every shingle and sheet… Roof sheets, that is. At Rock Hard Roofing, we’re all about providing you with the kind of protection that stands firm – in every storm, every season, every wink of naughty weather that comes your way.

Whether the sun is beating down or the rain is courting your curb, our roofing services aren’t just strong; they’re irresistibly durable. Our commitment? To keep you covered in style—a coverage so resilient, it’s downright seductive. Stick with us, and you’ll soon be under the most desirable roof in the neighborhood.

And worry not, because our commitment to top-notch service and materials hasn’t wavered in the slightest. We’re still the same reliable and professional team, but just like a good roof over your head should be, we’ve become a bit more… enticing.

Head on over to our new website and see how we’re just as committed to customer satisfaction and excellence in roofing as we were under our Viking helm. Only now, we’ve strapped on something a bit more stimulating.

Get ready to feel secure, sheltered, and, yes, maybe even a little titillated. Your roof is not just a necessity—it’s a statement. Make yours with Rock Hard Roofing. Because when things get wild outside, you’ll be glad your roof is as hard as it gets.


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