6 Common Causes of Commercial Roof Damage in Edina

May 25, 2024Blog, Commercial Roof Damage, Edina

Unlocking the mysteries of commercial roof damage is akin to discovering the seductive allure of a hidden treasure in Edina, Minnesota. Nestled in the heart of Hennepin County, Edina’s commercial landscape beckons with promise, but beneath the surface lies the potential for roofing woes that can disrupt the rhythm of your business. Your commercial roof isn’t just a shield against the elements; it’s a tantalizing enigma waiting to be understood. Embrace the allure of preventative measures to safeguard your investment and keep your business thriving.

6 Common Causes of Commercial Roof Damage

Standing Water:

Picture standing water as the forbidden fruit of your commercial roof, enticing but harboring dark secrets. It can gather surreptitiously, whispering tales of structural woes, drainage dilemmas, and HVAC mishaps. But beware, for prolonged dalliances with standing water can unleash a cascade of leaks, penetrating the sanctum of your establishment and casting shadows on your prosperity.


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Faulty Flashing or Pitch Pans:

In the dance of elements on your rooftop stage, flashing and pitch pans play the role of seductive accomplices, sealing transitions with an alluring grace. Yet, beware the allure of improper installation or the slow erosion of time’s embrace. For openings in these guardians of integrity can invite unwelcome moisture, tarnishing the allure of your commercial sanctuary with unsightly blemishes.

Wind Damage:

Imagine the wind as a sultry temptress, caressing your rooftop with whispers of temptation. But beneath its beguiling touch lies the potential for turmoil. Factors like age, neglect, and craftsmanship can turn this enchantress into a harbinger of destruction. Watch closely for signs of stress on flashing and chimney vent caps, for they are vulnerable points in this tantalizing tango with the wind.

Roof Punctures:

In the bustling streets of Edina’s commercial landscape, foot traffic plays the role of the elusive lover, leaving behind traces of passion on your rooftop’s surface. Yet, beware the consequences of reckless abandon, for punctures can be the scars of an ill-fated affair. Take heed, for post-contractor inspections and proactive measures can shield your rooftop from the ravages of unintended encounters.

Winter Weather:

Edina’s winters are a symphony of contrasts, with snow and ice weaving a mesmerizing tapestry across the rooftops. But beneath their captivating allure lies the potential for chaos. The weight of snow can strain the very foundations of your rooftop sanctuary, while ice dams lurk in the shadows, waiting to unleash their icy grip on your aspirations.


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Lack of Maintenance:

Picture routine maintenance as a passionate affair with your rooftop, a dance of devotion that keeps its allure untarnished. Annual inspections and proactive measures are the secrets to maintaining the allure of your commercial sanctuary. Embrace the TopSite maintenance program, for it promises to keep the flames of passion alive, ensuring that your rooftop remains a beacon of allure amidst the tumultuous storms of Edina’s climate.

FAQs about Commercial Roof Problems:

How often should I inspect my commercial roof in Edina?

Ah, the rhythm of inspections, a dance of anticipation and vigilance. In the sultry embrace of Edina’s climate, we recommend an annual rendezvous with your rooftop, a chance to bask in its allure and uncover any hidden secrets. And after the storms have swept through, or when significant changes grace your building’s facade, indulge in another inspection to ensure your rooftop sanctuary remains untarnished.

What are the risks of ignoring maintenance in Edina?

Ignoring maintenance is akin to turning a blind eye to a blossoming romance, a dalliance with disaster in Edina’s climate. Picture the consequences: costly repairs looming on the horizon, the delicate interior of your establishment tarnished by water’s unrelenting embrace, and the rhythm of your business operations disrupted by unforeseen calamities. Don’t let neglect cast shadows on the allure of your commercial sanctuary.

How can I mitigate winter weather and wind damage in Edina?

Ah, the waltz of winter weather and the tempestuous tango of wind, a dance as old as time in Edina’s landscape. To protect your rooftop from their seductive embrace, engage in proper maintenance rituals. Remove the heavy burdens of snow with care, lest they strain the very fabric of your rooftop sanctuary. And address potential weak points with tender diligence, ensuring that your rooftop remains an unyielding bastion against nature’s passionate advances.


In the enigmatic landscape of Edina’s commercial world, the allure of a well-maintained rooftop beckons with promises of prosperity and protection. Embrace the seductive allure of preventative measures, for they hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of commercial roof damage. With your trusted Edina roofing contractor, schedule professional inspections, prioritize preventative maintenance, and let your rooftop become a beacon of allure amidst the tempestuous seas of Edina’s climate.

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