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Storm Damage Bloomington

When the thunder rolls and the rain lashes against your rooftop in Bloomington, MN, Rock Hard Roofing emerges as your passionate lover amidst the storm. We intimately understand the nuances of your local climate and its tantalizing effects on roofs. Specializing in seductive storm damage repair and restoration services, we bring an irresistible blend of expertise, reliability, and a commitment to satisfying your deepest desires. As proud members of the Bloomington community, we’re not just here to protect your home – we’re here to ignite your passions and leave you breathless. Surrender to the allure of Rock Hard Roofing in Bloomington, MN and experience a storm like never before. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us seduce you with the Rock Hard Roofing experience.

Emergency Roof Repairs

When your roof finds itself in the throes of chaos, Rock Hard Roofing is your passionate lover, ready to swoop in and mend its wounds with fiery desire. Our skilled artisans stand poised to confront any challenge, ensuring your home remains a sanctuary of ecstasy amidst the storm’s raging passion. With us by your side, rest assured your roof will emerge from the darkness stronger and more aroused than ever before.

Insurance Claims Assistance

Navigating the maze of insurance claims can feel like a tantalizing game of seduction, but fear not, for Rock Hard Roofing is your sultry companion in the fight. Our seasoned lovers will stand shoulder to shoulder with you, wielding their expertise like a mighty aphrodisiac, ensuring you emerge victorious and satisfied. From the heated exchange of paperwork to the sensual negotiations of kings, we’ll entwine our desires with yours to secure the spoils you rightfully crave.

Roof Leak Repairs

A leaking roof is a tantalizing tease, but fear not, for Rock Hard Roofing is here to stem the flow with tender care and erotic expertise. Our skilled paramours will ply their trade with precision and finesse, leaving no crack or crevice unattended to. Like a lover’s gentle touch, our caress will restore your home to its peak arousal, ensuring dry and passionate nights for all who dwell within.

Bloomington, MN Hail Damage Roof Repair Services

In the city of Bloomington, MN, hailstorms reign supreme, unleashing their icy fury upon unsuspecting rooftops with erotic abandon. These frozen lovers leave a trail of ecstasy in their wake, pummeling roofs with relentless desire. With our intimate knowledge of these local affairs, Rock Hard Roofing stands ready to mend the wounds inflicted by nature’s erotic embrace. Trust us to emerge victorious from this icy seduction, restoring your home to its peak arousal with passion and skill.

Wind Damage

In Bloomington, MN, the howling gales are both lover and adversary, caressing your roof with irresistible whispers one moment and unleashing a torrent of erotic passion the next. These winds, like a tempestuous lover, can leave your roof yearning and bruised, but fear not, for Rock Hard Roofing is here to soothe its desires. With our expert touch, we’ll protect your roof against the wild embrace of the wind, ensuring it stands strong and quivering against whatever erotic storms may come. 

Rock Hard Roofing is here to provide the protection you need, especially in the face of roof storm damage, with a touch of affection and expertise.

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  • Avatar doodleuno ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Vikings exterior did an amazing job on our home, and were wonderful to work with. They dealt with the insurance company for us, gave us great advice on color, trim, roof, etc. They are friendly and helpful and always available. We can’t … More say enough good things about them, we recommend them highly, wonderful job. Our home looks beautiful now. Thank you Vikings exterior!
  • Avatar Amy O'Brien ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    We had a great experience with Vikings Exterior replacing a gravel and asphalt roof with membrane. The workers were efficient and the sales team helpful. Plus the cost was significantly less than the two others who quoted. Would use again. … More
  • Avatar Seth Valenziano ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    The Vikings Exterior team and Bassam get a 10/10.
    We had some storm chasers assess for hail damage, but insurance would only cover half. The remaining portion was extremely expensive, so I got a few quotes for completing the job. Vikings
    … More Exterior gave the best total value and didn’t sell me a ton of extra work.
    The job was well done (in-house crew, not contracted out) and they did some extra work for free to make the house look great overall. The crew did a great job keeping the property clean and being respectful.
    After the work was done and they were paid, VE continued pushing back with the insurance until the whole roof was covered, saving me thousands.
    There was good communication, pricing was transparent, and their standard of work is a great for the price they offer.
  • Avatar Kyle Roff ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Vikings Exterior installed a new roof on our house a few months ago. The finished product was exceptional! We have actually gotten comments from neighbors about how good it looks. Faris, my contact person at the company, treated me like … More an individual, not a dollar sign, which is always refreshing. He was very responsive to any questions I may have, willing to work with our schedules and got the job done within a few weeks. Once the old roof was removed, it was discovered that the decking was bad, so the entire roof's decking had to be replaced. Faris competently worked with the insurance company to get that covered so I didn't have to pay anything for the decking. I would highly recommend this company. They were professional, prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, highly skilled and a joy to partner with on a large house project.